Warehouse Automation

In current age of industrialisation, manufacturing activities are continuously expanding, thanks to the ever-growing demand for products. Warehousing has gained  tremendous importance in the supply chain.

The warehouse is a crucial link between a manufacturing facility and its suppliers, as it governs the flow of materials and ultimately affects productivity.


Pick 'n Pay Warehouse

This project is the culmination of a total change in management philosophy. The system, comprising of a receiving, picking and sortation hall, services the entire Pick 'n Pay retail chain on a 48 hour service cycle basis and utilizes a third party distribution network. It also has a total storage capacity of ± 25 000 cartons with an hourly throughput capacity of 8 000 sales units.

The system utilizes sorter technology to accurately sort picked product to a total of 68 destinations. A standard size carton is used throughout the distribution network. The implementation of this system has eliminated the need for stock rooms and associated costs at the stores.


Pep Stores Cape Town Distribution Centre

The system design and project management of a new centralized distribution centre, for the Pep Group. The complex comprises of high bulk storage of carton goods and hanging garments.


The 23m high carton store (shown above) is a rack clad structure serviced by two aisle changing storage and retrieval machines. The system includes for storage of 84 000 palletised cartons in back-up and line storage racking, feeding 16 pick faces in 8 picking tunnels on 4 mezzanine levels. A comprehensive conveyer system services all picking areas through to the dispatch bays.


Edgars Distribution Centre

Edgars Stores Limited, Trading as UPC Retail Services, Prospecton Distribution Centre was designed to allow complete flexibility in the distribution of Flat Pack and Hanging Garment merchandise to the Edgars, Jet and Sales House Retail chain stores.

The system comprises a double tier pick tunnel designed to enable the picking of 130 000 flat pack and 20 000 hanging garment units.


The pick system is serviced by pallet and carton flow racks. Product is transferred in a variety of different carton sizes to consolidation and data processing by a fully automatic conveyor system. A telescoping and transport conveyor link enables off loading and processing of trans-shipment merchandise. Sealed cartons are directed to a carton sorter for dispatching.


The installation of the project took place concurrently with distribution operations during an off peak period.


Express Parcel Service - Super Hub

An automated parcel sorting system, this sortation centre operates on the hub and spoke principle, with Johannesburg as the "Super hub".

The system handles parcels and letters for road and air traffic. Three load groups can be sorted, machine sortable parcels up to 50kg and a limiting size of 800mm x 800mm x 1200mm, bulk goods which are non-sortable by machine due to size and weight.

The system has an initial capacity of 5 000 parcels per hour, up-gradable to a 2nd phase capacity of 10 000 parcels per hour.

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