Truck Loading / Unloading Conveyors

The simplest type of truck loading or unloading conveyor is either a fixed or movable conveyor. Truck LoaderThese conveyors can be feed up to or into a truck or trailer to improve the speed and efficiency of your workers.

Conveyco's truck loaders are powered conveyors that can move goods into or out of a trucks without a worker pushing the product.

The truck loaders provide an efficient, fast and an economical solution for loading or unloading of truck.

They are being employed in different industry that includes Food/Beverages Pharmaceutical/Healthcare, Chemical/Pesticides and other Liquor/bottling companies.

Truck loaders are engineered for greater manoeuvrability and adaptability for varied constraints involved in the different layouts of industries. It consists of an initial straight bed powered conveyor and a horizontal conveyor that leads the product to the stacked locations.

The special feature of this type of conveyor are the telescopic boom attachment to the horizontal conveyor that facilitates automatic length adjustment as required. There is also provision for vertical height adjustment of the horizontal part of the conveyor to adjust to the different heights involved in loading/unloading operations. Truck Loader

Most of the features of these truck-loading systems can be engineered as per the needs and requirements of the customer both quantitatively and qualitatively.

A truck loader saves movements of men and materials in the operating area thereby avoiding a lot of pitfalls during the operations. The time factor involved in the dispatch sections of the material handling personnel is reduced to the bare minimum, thereby increasing the productivity of the employees.


The extend-a-belt® telescopic belt conveyors are collapsible truck loading units that telescope into a truck. These extendible conveyor  units are also designed to be move between several dock doors so that one unit can service several trucks.

Extend-A-Belt Telescopic Belt Conveyors Illustration


Images of Truck Loading / Unloading Conveyors

Truck Loader Truck Loader Truck Loader
Truck Loader Truck Loader Truck Loader
Truck Loader Truck Loader Truck Loader
Truck Loader Gravity Chute Truck Loader Ball Castor Truck Loader
Truck Loader  Gravity Chute Truck Loader   Gravity Chute Truck Loader
Truck Loader   Truck Loader  Truck Loader
Truck Loader Truck Loader  Truck Loader 

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