Sliding Shoe Sorter Conveyors

Sliding Shoe Sorters are high speed sortation systems and are used in applications where there are a wide variety of product sizes, shapes and weights being sorted. These high speed sorters are designed to smoothly and gently divert product off the sorter line at designated transfer points.

The sorter is driven by Sliding Shoe Sortera large chain that contains slats, this is the carrying surface for the product. The divert shoes are the pushing or diverting mechanism, they move diagonally across the conveyor to push the product gently off the sorter and onto the take-away conveyors.

Takeaway conveyors are typically at a 30° angle, or a 22° angle to the main sorter conveyor slat. The takeaway conveyors at 22° angle will use more floor space, but have a higher sortation speed. Some shoe sorters can divert to both the left and right.

The high-speed sliding shoe sorting systems are widely used in e-commerce, express delivery, clothing, supermarkets, pharmaceuticals, tires and other industry ect.

High sorting efficiency

The sorting capacity of the high-speed slider shoe sorter is 11250 pieces per hour. Under the condition of speed150m/min, minimum length of goods conveyed:200mm,and 600mm distance between products, the maximum sorting capacity can also be calculated by the formula Q=[V/(L+S)]*60.Q is the capacity per hour, V is the conveying speed. L is the average length of the cases, and S is the space between the cases.

Gentle sortation

The products are gently diverted to outlets by special ABS shoes.

Quiet sortation

Noise level: about 73 db (under the sorting speed 100m/min)

Advanced mechanical function, and more durable

The shoes slide across the slats. The distance between the shoes, guide rails, and conveyors is well designed to ensure stable operation. Sorter is equipped with diagnostic system to monitor operating condition.

Sliding Shoe Sorter

Benefits of the sliding shoe sorters

Technical Detail

Sliding Shoe Sorter Technical Detail


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