Electro-galvanizing (Zinc Plating) Services

Conveyco supplies an electro-galvanizing services and offers a wide array of corrosion protection.

Electroplating is an electrochemical process for depositing a thin layer of metal on a metallic object. Objects are electroplated to prevent corrosion or an attractive finish.

We offer an quality silver zinc plating as well as a yellow passivation at a fair price so why not get in touch with us for your various plating needs.

In the process of electroplating, the object to be coated is placed in a solution, called a bath, of a salt of the coating metal, and is connected to the negative terminal of an external source of electricity.

Electro-galvanizingAnother conductor, often composed of the coating metal, is connected to the positive terminal of the electric source. A steady direct current of low voltage, usually from 1 to 6 V, is required for the process. When the current is passed through the solution, atoms of the plating metal deposit out of the solution onto the cathode, the negative electrode.

An equilibrium between the metal coming out of solution and the metal entering is maintained until the object is plated.m

Zinc electroplating is one of the most common forms of electroplating and popular because of its relatively low cost, protective nature and attractive appearance. The coating done through this process gives corrosion protection to ferrous components and it can give colours by post treatment.

The zinc electroplating process can be used to coat nuts, bolts, washers and so on. It also provides an effective undercoat for paints and when high corrosion performance is required.

We offer a quality finish at a fair price so why not get in touch with us for your various plating needs and see if we can help you out. All customers whether individuals, small or large companies will find us eager to help.

We are committed to quality and customer satisfaction.

With 5 electroplating baths of 6500 litres in volume each and 3.2m in length we are able to handle large jobs which other companies can’t. We also have a overhead gantry system with two 1 ton electric chain hoists to deal with heavy weight items.

Please enquire with our sales representatives for pricing.

We also have a collection and delivery service for the convenience of our customers. (Enquire to the related costs, dependant on area).

Standard terms and conditions are available upon request.


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