Cross Belt Sorter Conveyors

Cross Belt Sorters are fast and efficient logistics sorting systems, which consists of a main drive belt which pulls along trays. When a tray reaches its specific sorting destination, the bi-directional belt on the tray will engage and transfer the goods at 90° to the main direction of flow, either left or right into its sorting station.

Cross Belt Sorter

In addition to high speed and sorting efficiency, it can also handle items of various specifications and sizes, including fragile items and items with a high friction coefficient. These conveyors can also do sorting to both sides at the same time.

Horizontal cross belt sorters are flexible and can use space optimally by using bends to fit into small spaces. The sorter can also run at an incline or decline. To save space two sorters can run on top of each other, allowing for simultaneous conveying. The in-feeds and out-feeds can be arranged anywhere along the horizontal cross belt sorter making it possible to create multiple sorting or discharge areas. Horizontal cross belt sorters can run goods recirculation for unrecognized goods or for when the discharge stations are full.

Horizontal Cross Belt Sorter

Benefits of the horizontal cross belt sorters

Linear / vertical cross belt sorters run in a straight route with the drive belt running on the top and returning on the bottom. This vertical circulation has a compact modular structure which allows for extreme space-saving. The standard modular design can be customized to the number of out-feed ports according to clients demand.

Vertical Cross Belt Sorter

Benefits of the linear / vertical cross belt sorters

Cross belt sorter conveyors are widely used in the express distribution centers because of its high sorting efficiency and capacity.

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Horizontal cross belt sorters

Linear / vertical cross belt sorters


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