Continuous Vertical Lifters

Continuous Vertical Lifters (CVL) can automatically raise or lower product from one elevation to another. The product is loaded and offloaded horizontally but conveyed vertically.

These conveyors provide fast, efficient, reliable and safe product transfer between multiple floor levels. The vertical conveying systems use conveyors which are best suited to the kind of product being conveyed like boxes, cases, trays or bags. Even palletized loads up to 1000kg each can be conveyed.

Continuous Vertical Lifters (CVL) are more suitable for a larger capacity, as the unique carrying platform allows for continuous uninterrupted product flow.

The CVL has an advantage over the traditional goods lift because the CVL has multiple platforms moving continuously, while the goods lift only has one platform that has to stop for loading and offloading product.

Continuous Vertical Lifter

1st floor adjustable

CVL inlet is set to any floor.

CVL inlet is set on the 1st floor, outlet may be set at 2nd and 3rd floor.

1st floor fixed 

The compact design of these conveyors use very little floor space compared to incline conveyors or chutes and can be run upward and downward.

Continuous Vertical Lifters (CVL) are used where a continuous product flow is required for uninterrupted high volume operations.

The product is loaded horizontally, conveyed vertically and discharged horizontally in a continuous non-stop operation.

 Z-Type Lifter Flow Direction

Small footprint              
High Speed                   
Low Maintenance           
Standardised parts         
Saves labour costs               

Mass conveying between floors
Suitable for multiple industries
Heavy loading
Large capacity             

Multiple inlet / outlet continuous lifters can have various infeed or discharge positions, making it highly efficient with a big capacity.

The inlet / outlet can be set to different floor levels on the same side or on different sides of the lifter.

Depending on the requirements this type of lifter can achieve continuous conveying between one floor and another.

These E-type continuous lifters are often used in large distribution centres and can cope with complex conveying situations.

With several inlets and outlets working at the same time, matched with bar coding, goods can be quickly and correctly sorted to the different floors.

The inlet / outlet conveyors to the continuous vertical lifters are synchronized to the lifting platform speed used to load / offload product. Some of these conveyors may be roller conveyors, belt conveyors, slat conveyors, etc.

When the inlet / outlet conveyors are too far from the loading platform or the goods are small, transition devices can be fitted to ensure the stability of the conveyed goods.


The load is carried on a moving platform fastened between two continuous loops of chain.

This platform is unique as it is rigid in the horizontal loading position but is flexible in the opposite direction, allowing the platform to rotate around the sprockets when returning.

The return platform tray does not interfere with the loading or offloading of product which increases the cycle times.

When the speed of the lifter is high the surface of the carrier slats in the platform is rubberized to increase the friction between the goods and the carriers. This helps eliminate slippage when the goods are entering or exiting the lifter. The smaller the product is in length & height the faster the through put can be.

Advantages of a Continuous Vertical Lifter     

The Continuous Vertical Lift is an extremely efficient, safe and reliable solution for your vertical transportation needs.

The Continuous Vertical Lifter can be used either along the edge of a mezzanine or through a hole in a mezzanine floor depending on the user's preference and the requirements. The in-feed and discharge conveyors are controlled by the photo sensors to ensure a smooth transfer.

We can supply a wide range of lifters to handle from light weight to heavy weight products. The rages available are 1kg - 20kg, 20kg - 100kg,100kg - 500kg, 500kg - 1000kg.

E-Type Lifter
Lifter Types
e-type lifter types
Multiple Inlet or Outlet Conveyors
Inlet / Outlet Conveyors
Roller Conveyor
Roller Conveyor
Belt Conveyor
Belt Conveyor




E-Type Continuous Lifter
L-type direction
f-type direction
e-type direction
e type lifter 01
E-Type Lifter 02
Inlet / Outlet Detailed Graph
Z-Type Lifter Flow Direction
C-Type Lifter Flow Direction
E-Type Lifter
E-Type Lifter

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