Chain Driven Conveyors

Chain conveyors are used to move bulky or heavy goods loaded onto pallets, crates or drums between work zones, loading areas or palletizing areas. These conveyors reduce forklift and pallet jack traffic.

The more common chain driven conveyors are:


Chain Driven Roller Conveyors

Chain driven roller conveyors produce a positive drive with roller-to-roller chain drives which makes it ideal for light and medium duty pallet handling in oily conditions. This makes these conveyors a good substitute for the belt driven live roller conveyors which are unsuitable for oily conditions. Heavy duty carrying capacity can be obtained by using bigger rollers and frame sizes to handle the load.

Chain Driven Conveyor Chain Driven Conveyor Chain Driven Conveyor

Pallet / Container Chain Conveyors

Pallet / Container chain conveyors use chain to drag the heavy duty loads. They are ideal for handling heavily loaded pallets or crates. This type of conveyor is made up of a drive, tail section with sprockets on shafts driving conveyor chain. The chains are a continuous loop and are driven by a drive shaft. There are two types of heavy duty drag conveyors. Conveyors carry a lighter weight have two single-pitch chains, while the heavier carrying conveyors have two double-pitch chains and if needed have gravity carry rollers in the middle.

Chain Drag Conveyor Chain Drag Conveyor Chain Drag Conveyor

Chain Driven Transfer Conveyors

Chain driven transfers are specifically used when heavy duty loads need to be transferred from one conveyor to another. The transfer chains lift up above the carry rollers picking up the load. The chain drive then transfers the load over the the  other conveyor and lowers the product onto the carry rollers of that conveyor. This type of chain transfer eliminates the need for hoists or forklifts to move the product over.

Chain Driven Transfer Conveyor Chain Driven Tansfer Conveyor Chain Driven Conveyor

Below are a few images as examples:

Chain Drag Conveyor  Duplex Pallet Chain Conveyor  Duplex Pallet Chain Conveyor 
Duplex Pallet Chain Conveyor Crate Destacker Conveyor 
Crate Stacker Conveyor
Cross Transfer Pallet Chain Conveyor 
Chain Conveyor Chain Conveyor Chain Conveyor


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